Mobile Recycling Program

Mobile phone users will now be able to recycle their old mobile phones and accessories at more than 450 First National offices around the country.

The First National Real Estate network announced that customers will be able to drop off their old mobile phones, batteries, accessories and chargers at their nearest First National real estate. As an extension to its energy efficiency and sustainability drive, First National has partnered with MobileMuster to support the Old phones, more trees campaign.

If each of its offices adopted the practice the network could recycle as many as 7,500 mobile phones a year.

Based on current figures, Australians have about 19 million old and unused mobile phones sitting at home.

The greenhouse gas benefits that could be created if they just recycled them would be the same as planting 100,000 trees or taking more than 6,000 cars off the road.

As an industry that is so reliant on both mobile phones and cars, First National felt it should do its part to help reduce Australia’s carbon footprint.

Since it began in 1999, MobileMuster has collected 806 tonnes of old mobile phones, batteries and accessories, recycling over 90 per cent of the materials in them and keeping these mobiles out of landfill.

Bring in your old mobile phones and accessories to our office, 17 Mackay Street, Port Augusta, South Australia.